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Are you tired of waiting weeks, or even months, for a dental appointment? Do you dread going to the dentist because of past bad experiences or anxiety over potential procedures? Look no further than Dentistry in Middletown. Dr. Jake Uram is a dedicated and caring dentist who goes above and beyond to ensure that his patients receive exceptional and timely care. Say goodbye to long wait times and hello to a personalized and stress-free dental experience.

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Pledge to My Patients

Are you tired of being rushed through your doctor’s office like cattle? Do you feel like healthcare has become an impersonal experience, one where your concerns are never addressed and your questions are never fully answered? Are you tired of seeing a different doctor every time you go to an appointment? When I envisioned opening my own dental office, I wanted to build a haven that delivered an ‘old-school’ healthcare experience. A place where your doctor spends the time to understand your concerns, and gets to know you as a person. A place where you feel comfortable. A place where you trust the people performing work on you, and the whole team is dedicated to your wellbeing and making you feel comfortable in a naturally uncomfortable situation. Going to the dentist doesn’t have to be an anxiety-provoking experience. 

Dentistry in Middletown is the culmination of my efforts to put the ‘care’ back in healthcare. I pledge to my patients that I will always be available for them, and go above and beyond to cater to their individual situations. When a patient trusts me with their health and wellbeing, it’s an honor to serve them, and my highest responsibility is to provide exactly what they need. Whether it’s rearranging the office schedule to accommodate your busy schedule, addressing urgent issues outside of normal business hours, or taking the extra step to make sure you’re comfortable during your dental visits, my office will always deliver for you. It’s my personal standard.

To my patients, it’s my personal mission and pledge to take care of you like my own family. Come make my office your new dental home, and experience the difference for yourself.

See you soon!

Dr. Jake Uram, DDS

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Our approach offers patients seamless access to top-quality dentistry that caters to their individual needs, making Dentistry in Middletown your go-to destination for all things dental.

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